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Feng Shui Master shows you, "How to Choose a House with Good Feng Shui in 4 Steps". A home buyers Feng Shui Guide.


Feng Shui & Destiny Consulting Services

I provide Feng Shui consulting services for both residential and commercial properties. I also provide Destiny Consultation to help my clients understand their destiny potential and luck cycles.

Feng Shui Consulting Services

The following Feng Shui services are provided at various stages of the property life cycle.

Land Selection

At the earliest stage is land selection. This involves inspecting the land and its surrounding with the view to build a house or office that supports the endeavor of the prospective buyer.


design houseThe design stage comes next where significant benefits can be derived by factoring Feng Shui considerations such as orientation and layout into the design of the yet to be built property. Appropriate recommendations can be make to ensure that property supports the specific the needs of the owner in such areas as business, career, relationship and health etc.

I will visit the site and assess the land and the surrounding feature, take compass reading and analyse the birth charts of the head or heads of the household.

With these information I will analyze them and discuss with you (and your architect) to decide on the optimal

Property Selection (Popular)

select houseIn many property development, you do not get to specify the design of the units. Construction work may have began and your options are limited to selection the most suitable unit based on location, orientation and layout of the property within the development.

Feng Shui consultation at this stage will help you to buy a property that is fundamentally right that does not require extensive modifications to meet your needs.

I will assist you to select a suitable unit that is fundamentally right for you and with features which will support your endeavors. This would be one located in a good sector, having a good orientation and correctly supported by the surroundings.

I will also take into the consideration the internal layout and select one that gives you good Feng Shui with the least renovation works (or cost).

Audit Existing Property (Popular)

This is the most common stage. You have just taken possession of the property and want to carry out renovation works to optimize the Feng Shui of the property within the constraints of the existing structure. You are also particularly concerned about the smooth flow of 'qi', utilization of spaces in the house and especially the correct placement and orientation of the main door, kitchen and stove, beds and bedrooms etc.

Or you have already moved in and experience problems or simply feel that the property is not right for you. You want to find out why and what you can do about it.

existing propertyI will conduct a site inspection, take compass reading, analyse your birth chart and

Date Selection

Date selection for renovation and moving are included in the services above. We also provide date selection for other services such as engagement, marriage, business incorporation, signing agreement, house warming, commence business etc.

Destiny Consulting Services

A person's destiny potential and luck can be revealed using their date and time of birth. In this service I will analyse and provide reading of your

in the areas of career, wealth, relationships, health and travel.

It also include both Feng Shui and non-Feng Shui "cures' to improve your destiny potential and luck.